Treasure Hunters Wanted

  • Our Clue Hunters Maps are a great way to explore and discover British Museum, have some fun and get some exercise!
  • Our clue hunt maps are 2.5 hours+ of fun where you will follow clues around British Museum, discovering places and things you probably never knew existed.
  • Each clue discovery will help you to eliminate places where the final treasure is hidden, until you end up knowing the location of the buried treasure and complete your hunt.
  • Note: there is no actual buried treasure, it's all just a bit of fun.
  • Circular clue hunt trail
  • Once you have purchased our British Museum clue hunt you will be provided with a download link, active for 7 days.
  • Simply click on the link, download the map and print it out.

    Note: Some museums and locations require you purchase and entrance ticket. Our Clue Hunts are not affiliated or partnered with any locations and purchase of an entry ticket is not included or offered by us.

Best Value Entertainment For Your Family

# Name Hours Cost ph (£) Miles Walked
1 Clue Hunt Double 15 3.00 5
2 Clue Hunt Single 10 4.00 2.5
3 Cinema 2 15.00 0
4 Theme Park 8 25.00 5
5 Bowling 1 44.50 0
6 Premier Football Match 1.5 80.00 0
Prices based on comparative average cost for a family of four.